The Art of Love by Max Hudson

AUTHOR'S BLURB: Detective Mark Upton is stuck in a rut. Even his boss recognizes he’s just on autopilot and, after solving a major case, sends him off on a sabbatical to go and rediscover his passion. Untethered from his job, he finds himself using his free time to hang out with the same artist who was... Continue Reading →

Maple Springs series by Spencer Spears

Billion Dollar Bet (Maple Springs #1) AUTHOR'S BLURB: What would you bet for a chance at true love? Hopeless romantic Kian Bellevue can’t help falling for the wrong guys. Maybe it’s because he lost his parents so young, maybe it’s just his caring nature, but he can’t stop diving in when he should be heading for the... Continue Reading →

Save Me by Peter Styles

AUTHOR'S BLURB: Jonah Burke is excited when he meets up with an old classmate of his, Davie Harrison, at the police station where he works. He's much less delighted when he realizes said classmate is dating an infamously violent criminal that is always in and out of jail. While trying to help protect Davie, Jonah also... Continue Reading →

Reporting for Duty by Jerry Cole

AUTHOR'S BLURB: Full Length Bonus Novel "Ray Ray and the Dirty Giants" also included! Elijah Epstein has recently finished his degree in journalism and is currently working at the local newspaper. He wishes he could say it was a job he got on merit, but in reality, his mother, the district attorney, called in a... Continue Reading →

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