The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple by K.A. Merikan

AUTHOR'S BLURB: “How does one start a relationship with another man when it is forbidden?” “One needs to decide that the other man is worth dying for.” Cornwall, 1785 Sir Evan Penhart. Baronet. Highwayman. Scoundrel. Julian Reece. Writer. Wastrel. Penniless. No one forces Julian Reece to marry. Not his father, not his brother. No one. When... Continue Reading →

Exile by Jerry Cole

AUTHOR'S BLURB: This story is a fictional historical gay romance. Off the coast of Istanbul, near what was once Constantinople, crown of the Byzantine Roman Empire, is a place called the Prince Islands, a magical Mediterranean archipelago. The islands’ many monasteries were home to dozens of displaced royalty—exiled princes and banished empresses—victims of the ever... Continue Reading →

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