Reading order recommendation #1

Social Skills by Sara Alva AUTHOR'S BLURB: Music is the only form of communication Connor Owens controls. No matter how badly he wishes to fit in, friendly banter and casual conversations have never been his thing. College is yet another social universe he has no clue how to navigate—until he meets Jared, a football player with chestnut eyes... Continue Reading →

Catch Me by Jerry Cole

AUTHOR'S BLURB: **For a limited time "Catch me" comes with a free full-length bonus novella "Magic of Love"** As a star quarterback and straight A student, Will Gray doesn't have much time to spare for his relationship which prompts his girlfriend to dump him. Their abrupt ending sends him running to his best friend, Devon... Continue Reading →

Fire of Love by Aiden Bates

AUTHOR'S BLURB: Josh is a highly successful sportscaster. He has the respect of the athletes he covers, the admiration of his peers, and a string of awards for sports journalism. None of those blessings would be possible if anyone knew the truth: Josh is also an omega, hiding his status with the use of pharmaceuticals.... Continue Reading →

Unshakable series by Lexi Ander

Playing for Keeps (Unshakable #1) AUTHOR'S BLURB: College running back, Trent Harte, has been living with his lovers, AJ Barnes and Brock Everett, for two years. Caught in a compromising position, rumors abound. It's hard enough to be an openly gay football player, but gossip and snide comments only add to his stress. Threats against... Continue Reading →

Boyfriend Material by Jerry Cole

AUTHOR'S BLURB: Jason became a certified Salsex instructor after a bad break-up drove him to compete with his gym-obsessed ex-boyfriend. He didn’t realize that learning how to dance and exercise at the same time would change his life. Years have gone by since his break-up and Salsex has become a regular part of who he is.... Continue Reading →

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