Mountain Wolves Series by Isabel Dare


Wolf Scent (Mountain Wolves #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Kirk Anderson likes living alone in his mountain cabin, or so he tells himself. He’s a monster, after all. How would he ever find a man who can deal with his other self—the wolf?
When a reckless young hiker named Leo gets his leg caught in an old bear trap, Kirk rescues him, tracking him down by scent alone. While Kirk takes care of his injuries, Leo’s bright, sunny presence slowly wears down all Kirk’s defences.
But as the full moon rises, Kirk struggles between the urge to protect Leo and the demands of the wolf, who wants only one thing: to claim his mate…

MY REVIEW: Okay, maybe I’m cynical. But “I’m in love with him” after 2 days or less? And no conversation with the guy? Crush, I can see. Especially after he saves you and carries you around like it’s nothing. But not love.

Otherwise, this story is very interesting. The wolf senses being so heightened and explained so well are terrific. Exactly like I’ve wished they could be before but never came across until now. Ends abruptly, though.


Wolf Howl (Mountain Wolves #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: In one week, Kirk Anderson’s lonely life in the mountains turns upside down: he falls in love with a bright young painter named Leo, and he discovers that he’s not the only werewolf in the world.
Unfortunately, the other werewolves are a biker gang who want to take over Kirk’s territory. Worse than that: they want to take Leo, too.
Desperate to keep his mate, Kirk is forced to claim him…in front of the entire pack!

MY REVIEW: Steamy. Steamy. Steamy. Also good and a little humorous. Another abrupt ending. Not quite a cliffhanger, but close.


Wolf Pack (Mountain Wolves #3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Leo Travers, a young painter, is desperately in love with tall, dark, taciturn Kirk Anderson. He doesn’t even care if Kirk turns into a wolf every full moon. All Leo cares about is their future together.
Does Kirk want him only for now, or forever? Kirk isn’t saying, and Leo is afraid to ask and get his heart broken.
Then there’s the wolf pack living right next door. One of them is stalking Leo, and this werewolf won’t take no for an answer…

MY REVIEW: This continuation of the mountain wolves series is still steamy. It also clearly provides a bad guy to dislike, unlike the others so far. This couple is nice in how they adore each other.


Wolf Moon (Mountain Wolves #4)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Working as a motorcycle mechanic, Jake meets his share of rich guys. Arrogant jerks, all of them, who only feed Jake’s bad temper.
But then he meets Conrad. Soft-spoken, elegant, wealthy Conrad, who asks Jake to remodel his vintage chopper…and asks him out to dinner, too.
Guys like Conrad don’t fall for guys like Jake. Everyone knows that.
Everyone except Conrad, apparently.
But then, just when things are going suspiciously well, Jake finds out that Conrad is a werewolf…

MY REVIEW: Good support characters with the focus on a different couple than previous books in the series. Though this couple is rather different from the other couple, which gives a nice variety.


Wolf Call (Mountain Wolves #5)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Jake knows what he is: a motorcycle mechanic with a bad temper and no education beyond high school. A beautiful, wealthy art dealer like Conrad should be a million miles out of his reach.
But Conrad wants him, maybe even loves him, and Jake wants desperately to believe this is real. It’s not easy. It’s even harder to believe Conrad’s big secret: he’s a werewolf.
Determined to earn Jake’s trust, Conrad takes him to a meeting of the wolf pack. When the moon rises, Jake will see the truth for himself. But will that truth bring them closer together, or tear them apart?

MY REVIEW: Entertaining and sexy but with another abrupt ending.


Wolf Bond (Mountain Wolves #6)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Can humans and werewolves coexist? Can they be friends, lovers, partners? Or is the wolf blood stronger than anything else?
Tensions are rising in the wolf pack, triggered by two werewolf/human relationships: Kirk and Leo, Conrad and Jake. And Jake isn’t going to let things slide anymore, not when Conrad could get hurt. Just as Conrad finally meets Kirk, Jake gets drawn into a deadly challenge…

MY REVIEW: I’m not sure if this is the last in the series or not. The author doesn’t give very defined endings. But it seems as though there is more story to be told. So maybe there are plans for continuation.

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