Holeshot Series by Lynn Michaels


The Holeshot (Holeshot #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. If Supercross racer Davey McAllister knows anything, it’s how to take the holeshot. When the hot rising start mechanic, Tyler Whitmore, shows up in his bed, Davey does just that. But, dating a competitor’s mechanic threatens to blow his ride if anyone finds out. With the fear of losing his sponsors, he has to keep his love life completely undercover, but Davey is in deep and wants to tell the world how much he loves Tyler.
Tyler Whitmore wants to be out of the closet, but dating the competition is a death sentence for his career. Overprotective of Davey’s reputation and his own dreams, Tyler refuses to commit to his lover and is afraid of falling hard. Will they ever be able to find their way through the Premiere racing league pitfalls and acknowledge their love?

MY REVIEW: For one, when you eat healthily, you don’t merely live on salad and chicken breasts. There’d be variety. For two, 2 people barely in their 20’s aren’t going to fall in love at first sight. Lust, yes. Not love. Not when they are nekkid and horny. But this book is full of all the romance catchphrases that are supposed to make your heart clench when in reality it just makes it sound unoriginal, uninspired and cliched. Overall, the basic storyline is a good one. It’s just overdone with bad lines.


Holeshot 2 (Holeshot #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. Supercross racer, Tate Jordan, wants to take his holeshot on and off the track, but no one else seems to cooperate. His love life is in turmoil and his sponsors don’t expect him to win. Will Tate find someone new to love and a team that believes in him?
Pilot Mahan is a bodyguard and a street fighter looking to build a future, but his plans get derailed when a Supercross racer catches his eye. Can he make a go at a life with Tate Jordan, on the road?
Bryce Nickel is new to Supercross and adulthood. He’s young and fun, but super serious about what he wants. And what he wants is to win races and Tate Jordan. Will he be able to take his holeshot or will the big Apex bodyguard get in the way? Or perhaps, the three can make a compromise?
A super sexy MMM romance set in the Supercross industry.

MY REVIEW: There was good backstory in the beginning. Then when the first couple get together, it’s “I’m in instalove” and we’re moving in together. Bryce is supposedly so mature for his age yet he keeps acting younger than his age. Choose which one is correct and write that. Don’t contradict yourself. PLEASE. Then the trio is in instalove, too. It has moments that it’s good. Better than the first book. Just not enough to get over the hurdle of the author having again put in too many typical romance phrases and scenes.

holeshot christmas

Holeshot Christmas (Holeshot #2.5)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Christmas isn’t all race tracks and dirt bikes for Davey and Tyler, especially when they don’t see things about each other in quite the same way.

MY REVIEW: This was short though better than the first two books in the series. It seemed to focus more on the relationship between the men and less on imagery to prompt an emotional response. Better.



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