Breaking Up With Dan by P. Sean

AUTHOR”S BLURB: Gene’s world falls apart when he learns that Dan, his boyfriend of eleven years, was unfaithful until his death in a tragic accident. Not only does he get the surprise of his life during eulogies, but Josh, Gene’s best friend in high school, shows up and rocks Gene’s world even more until it almost crumbles.

Josh walked out of Gene’s life ten years before, never comfortable with Gene’s relationship with Dan. Now, nothing could keep him from attending the funeral and comforting his best friend from high school, putting their differences aside during Gene’s time of need. Memories of their mutual but secret crushes on each other will come back and haunt them.

Josh regrets not making a move, Gene regrets Josh’s alleged heterosexuality.

Both men will have to deal with their issues if they want a chance at happiness.

MY REVIEW: This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review via the MMRG Don’t Buy My Love Program.
When you lose a loved one, you enter an alternate state of being. The world is far away, through a tunnel, yet as close as on the other side of the nuclear-bomb-proof glass that it feels you’re trapped in. Your poor brain doesn’t function correctly, the world is broken and missing important pieces, and yet still you continue to breathe. This feeling is perfectly reflected in the first-person POV you begin the book with. When there are complications thrown in on top of your grief, such as dealing with the person’s betrayal of you, this breaks your heart even more and impedes your ability to heal as simply as you might otherwise. The author was able to beautifully draw you into the despair, guilt-ridden anger and betrayal that Gene was experiencing.
Josh brings his own POV for some relief for the reader and as a way to introduce the love story element. The two alternating POVs was, in my opinion, the only way this story could have been told.
This book is full of heavy feelings, so reader beware. There’s a struggle with how you’re willing to be seen by the flawed humans in this imperfect world, a struggle with taking a friendship that’s solid to a potential love interest that feels like it’s going to kill you before you ever reach that HEA you want. The grieving and healing from loss and multiple betrayals, and the relief of finding the love you’ve always wanted and needed.
I think the only problem I had was that I didn’t know for a while that it was set in Montreal, which pulled me out of the story every time I had to wonder what was up with the French bits being woven into the story. But once I figured that out, it made sense and was no longer a problem. And, yes, there were translations for the sprinkling of French, for those of us who don’t know the language.

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