Catlett’s Cove series by Grant C. Holland

The Practice (Catlett’s Cove #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “Do you think you deserve to have it all, everything that you need, right here in Catlett’s Cove?”

Thomas Randall has dreamed of taking over the veterinary practice of his mentor Dr. Benton from the day Dr. Benton saved his family’s golden retriever after it was hit by a car when Thomas was only eight years old. Now Dr. Benton is retiring and Thomas has just earned his veterinary degree. It seems like a perfect time to return home.

Thomas only has one major concern. Catlett’s Cove is a small town, and he is skeptical about whether he can find a man to love. Then he meets Hadley Rogers who brings in a pregnant dog injured on the road.

Hadley Rogers loves to work with his hands, on houses, cars, and landscapes. And he is supposed to be straight. Until he meets Thomas. He’s been attracted to men since age fifteen, but he’s never kissed one…until now.

Hadley cares for his great aunt Mae, the only close family he has left. His family was always a proud one where the men were men and the women were women. Now Hadley is worried that his attraction to Thomas will upset the careful balance of his life. Not to mention disruptions caused by a rescued dog and her puppies.

by my side (cc2)-GCH

By My Side (Catlett’s Cove #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “You don’t need to carry everyone else all of the time. For once, you need to let yourself be carried.”

Derek Bradshaw has always been driven to succeed. He’s a published author on the edge of a breakthrough when he shoulders the responsibility of his family’s failing downtown Catlett’s Cove bookstore. He’s struggling to stay afloat and doesn’t realize his lifeline is by his side where he’s always been.

Yale Preston, Derek’s best friend, has always come up with great ideas for personal success, but he’s never achieved any of them. He spends nearly all of his time piecing together a series of part-time jobs and one-time gigs to manage rent money.

When Yale sees Derek, the man he’s always desired as more than a friend, start to flounder, he wants to dive in to save him, but he’s not sure exactly how. What he does know is it will require both men taking the risk of exposing the secrets held deep in their hearts.

the experiment (cc3)-GCH

The Experiment (Catlett’s Cove #3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: It’s the Great Online Dating Experiment of 2017. Aaron is pleased with his life. He has a solid job that he enjoys, he has a strong, supportive family and network of friends, but he’s still missing a man to make his life complete. He decides to dive into the world of online dating to find the last piece of his personal puzzle.

Jamie has worked hard for everything in his life, and he has been a rousing success. From his sculpted body to his shiny new condo in the best part of the city, he has earned it all through grit and determination. Unfortunately, when the day comes to an end, he’s still lonely. Until he meets Aaron.

Then they recognize each other from somewhere else. It’s their mutual relationships with Jamie’s sister to be exact. She lives in the small town where Aaron grew up and set down roots.

When Aaron meets Jamie, the sparks of attraction fly, but the complications soon begin to mount. Are the worlds of the city and the small town just too different to make things work?

the real thing (cc4)-GCH

The Real Thing (Catlett’s Cove #4)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I think it sounds like fun!”

The corporate bosses thought Caleb had a boyfriend, and he needed one in the flesh fast. Dex, the new veterinarian in Catlett’s Cove, had experience in fake relationships and was willing to step in to lend a hand. There was always the possibility that something real could grow out of something fake.

After one corporate event, there was another, and it didn’t take long before Caleb and Dex secretly hoped that the relationship was more real than originally planned. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that sorting out reality wasn’t the only issue Dex and Caleb might face as a couple.

Travel back to the shores of Summers Lake for the fourth and final Catlett’s Cove novel. The Real Thing is a 50,000 word novel with a fake relationship, quick course in herpetology, and steamy scenes. It can be read as a standalone, but reading the three previous novels in the Catlett’s Cove series will give you insight into the group of friends that stand by and support Dex and Caleb as they find their way to a happily-ever-after ending.

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