Our Paradise by Austin Bates

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A hot romantic interlude in an island paradise sounds like the stuff of dreams… but some dreams quickly become nightmares.

Three years ago, alpha Liam Aguado made a deal with the devil to get the money he needed for his mother’s cancer treatments. To this day, drug kingpin Julio Romero still holds his leash, forcing him to continue smuggling shipments to their island home. When Julio offers Liam a way out, he jumps at it–all he needs to do is deliver a package to a woman at a hotel. But with devils, things are rarely as they seem.

Dragged to the island for his brother’s wedding, Simon Duncan is a lonely omega who’s more interested in working on his blog than interacting with his dysfunctional family. He slips away from dinner one night and finds himself confronted with a devastatingly handsome Liam.

When a chance meeting in the lobby of an exotic island hotel brings Liam and Simon together, their hot one-night stand quickly blossoms into something more. But their idyllic new romance is soon interrupted…

As Liam’s sister goes missing and an underhanded plot strands Simon on the island, the two find themselves turning the aforementioned devil for help. Now, they must work together to find a way to free themselves from Julio’s stifling grasp, but the clock starts ticking when Simon discovers he’s pregnant. If Julio learns their secret, he’ll surely exploit Simon to ensure Liam’s continued cooperation, and the new family may find itself forever trapped under the thumb of a vicious drug lord.

In this hot and explicit MM Alpha/Omega Mpreg 50,000-word novel (intended for adult readers only), two men from radically different worlds fall hard and fast for one another. Will they be able escape Julio’s insidious clutches and build a future for their budding family, or will the devil ensure he gets his due?

MY REVIEW: Striking and *snickers* arresting,” this book has intrigue as well as romance. They are both equally represented and dashing. Though I personally wouldn’t have had anything to do with my family if they were Simon’s, but that’s me…
I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

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