Truly Yours series by Aria Grace and Chris McHart

Toby and Dalton (Truly Yours #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Finding a shifter mate is tough. Dalton is open to love, but the few dates he’s been on have been terrible. He’s just about to give up on searching for happiness when a young shifter passes by him, providing hope that maybe this time he’ll find love.

Toby has been hurt one too many times. He always picks the wrong men and doesn’t believe he deserves anything better. When his best friend forces him to check out a shifter matchmaking service, he doesn’t have any hope that things could work out for him. Because, why should Dalton be different than the others?

However, fate knows better. And both men might be in for the shock of their lives.

MY REVIEW: Okay, so I didn’t really understand how Dalton came to the conclusion Toby was preggers. I understand how Toby’s mind put two and two together, but Dalton didn’t mention anything. Just basically said, “hey dude, you know…”
Overall, it’s rather enjoyable and predictable. I have a feeling the predictability had to be worked out of the authors’ systems. I always enjoy these authors, so I don’t doubt I will continue to do so.

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