Rosebridge universe by Harper Logan

Our Reunion

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I just want someone to spend my life with”

Taylor Lyle. Everyone on the planet knows the CEO of BluTech’s name. Taylor is rich, successful and famous—but that means nothing to him. He aches to start a family, but he’s had his heart bashed to pieces once again by a commitment-phobic guy.

“I’ve been pretending so long, I’ve almost forgotten who I am.”

Eli Hail thought he’d missed his chance with his school crush ten years ago. But when fate crashes them together on a sunny beach, Eli can’t deny his feelings for Taylor, or his sexuality any longer.

“I need to take this slow.”

Taylor and Eli rediscover one another as Eli explores his sexuality for the first time, but with their shared history, neither of them can keep their promise to not get attached. When the tabloids out their relationship to the world, the pressure on their bond is only just beginning.

Will Taylor and Eli be able to figure out what they want and fight for it?

Our Reunion is a 50,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.



AUTHOR’S BLURB: “You’ll know how important something is when you see how much you’re willing to sacrifice for it.”

Ben Barley is working on borrowed time. With an ultimatum—get a promotion by his 36th birthday or find a new job—and a deadline looming over his head, it’s easy to get wrapped up in his own Ivy League world.

That is, until he meets Oscar.

The last thing Oscar Nash needs is to take on a new charity case at his failing mechanic shop. But when a handsome, well-dressed art history lecturer shows up with a vintage car in need of some TLC, Oscar is too intrigued to say no.

Sure he can fix up the car… on one condition. Ben has to agree to a date.

Despite misunderstandings and clashing worlds, the two men hit it off, connecting over their deep love of art. As their connection grows, Oscar shares his greatest yearning: the car mechanic’s dream to become a sculptor and open his own gallery. But will their chemistry be enough to overcome the differences in their two worlds?

More importantly, can Oscar step up with a mechanical miracle while Ben’s career hangs in the balance?

Driven is a 50,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.



AUTHOR’S BLURB: “What do you say? You down for a nice bromantic evening?”

Roommates since starting college, Terry and Robbie are still best buds as they head into senior year. Although Terry’s a frat jock and Robbie’s the geeky captain of the Quidditch team, they even adopt a puppy together. When the power goes out one stormy evening, Terry is secure enough in his heterosexuality to suggest making a “bromantic” night out of it.

“So you want to play make-believe.”

Robbie plays along, even when the one-off joke turns into a weekly “date night.” But as Terry toes the line of what’s acceptable between two bros, Robbie begins to wonder if his growing feelings are really for pretend.

“Just a couple of straight guys dating each other.” 

Will Robbie’s infatuation drive a wedge between them, sending them on different paths after they graduate? Or could their enduring friendship become something greater than either has ever dreamed?

Bromantic is a 55,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

Booked up-HL

Booked Up

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I think I just fell for my boss’s biggest rival…”
All Cam ever wanted to do was work for his favorite author Madeleine Stevens. But when a harsh review of her latest book is published by her rival Serge Faletti, Cam’s sense of loyalty sends him marching to Serge to demand a retraction.

“I can’t let anybody see who I really am…”
Serge is supposed to be writing the follow-up to his big hit detective novel, but the words aren’t coming. And knowing that his rival Madeleine is plotting against him isn’t helping. When he meets her assistant, the bookish, cardigan-wearing Cam, he is caught off-guard. How can he be so drawn to someone who should be his enemy? He is so worried about his reputation that he can’t admit his attraction, even to himself.

“I can’t trust you, but I don’t want to spend a minute without you…” 
How can you trust your feelings when the man you’re with is your worst enemy? Things are getting real between Cam and Serge, but Madeleine’s scheming threatens to tear them apart before they have a chance together. Can Cam untangle himself from his boss and let himself be free to love? And can Serge put aside his worries over what the world will think if he is with another man?

Stray hearts-HL

Stray Hearts

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “Out of the frying pan, into the fire.” 

Chris Seitz just can’t catch a break. Driving west to escape the flooding that rocked his Georgia hometown, he finds himself stranded during a record monsoon in a rural Arizona town. With just a bag of clothes and the kitten he rescued from the flood, Chris has never felt more alone. Now the kitten has gotten lost, and Chris is nearing the end of his rope.

“What good was an artist if he couldn’t make his art?”

Wandering around during a thunderstorm in the hopes of curing his crippling creative block, master potter Lucas Duncan is surprised to find something else—a terrified and lost cat. He’s even more surprised to discover who the owner is: the handsome newcomer to town.

“I didn’t want to believe that I could feel that way about another man…” 

Deep in the closet and ten years Chris’s senior, Lucas wouldn’t normally have a reason to associate with the young wanderer… if not for Henry the cat, and the unyielding magnetism of fate. Can the undeniable connection between the two lost souls bring their stray hearts home?

Stray Hearts is a 40,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

Cool cats-HL

Cool Cats

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I need to live a life where I can express myself authentically.”

Dylan Marvey’s last hope is to make it big as an artist. After dropping out of the prestigious Beasley University, he’s hung around as a townie, gradually drifting away from the student life he once knew. When he’s roped into helping a PR firm promote the gallery’s show, he comes face to face with the last person he expected to see: his old friend Grant Kennedy.

“I never had the courage to be like you.”

Grant always envied Dylan for his effortless “coolness.” Always following in his best friend’s footsteps, whether it was playing in a band or aspiring to artistic greatness, he never could keep up. When he rekindles his friendship with Dylan, he sees an opportunity to become the person he never thought he could be—if only he can get over his fear of standing out.

“It’s never too late to discover who you really are.”

As the two men navigate their friendship, they rediscover what pushed them apart and what brought them together. When Dylan’s cat breaks his leg, throwing him further into debt, and Grant finds himself straying from the path his parents set out for him, the two men find they need to lean on each other like they used to… And see what more can blossom from their connection.

Cool Cats is a 30,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

Runaway heart (runaway hearts1)-HL

Runaway Heart (Runaway Hearts #1)

AUTHOR’S  BLURB: What do you do when your head says no but your heart says hell yes?
Marathon. Just thinking the word is torture to bartender Jesse Greenglass. Why’d he sign up? For the sake of the boyfriend he loved. Of course, that was before the boyfriend cheated and became the ex Jesse wants to forget. The marathon date sits in his calendar as a painful reminder but there’s no way Jesse’s going to run it now. Even if a super handsome – and super straight – stranger is leaning over his bar, telling Jesse he’ll run with him. Even if that stranger has a smile that makes him melt.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to go and fall in love with you.”

26.2 miles is nothing to army veteran Mark Riordan. Haunted by his past and struggling with PTSD, Mark moved to bucolic Rosebridge, New Hampshire to clear his head – not to fill it with thoughts of a wise-cracking bartender. But there’s something about Jesse that’s drawing Mark in, making him wonder if he might not be quite so super straight after all. Maybe it’s crazy to train for a marathon with a guy he just met, but helping Jesse get some confidence back actually sounds like fun – and it’ll be nice to focus on someone else’s problems for a change.

“I want this. But only if it’s real. It has to be real, with you.”

But when a caught-in-the-moment kiss turns just friends into something miles more complicated, is either man ready for the consequences? Jesse can’t deny that he’s attracted to Mark, but if Mark changes his mind about dating men, he could end up breaking Jesse’s heart instead of healing it. And for Mark, being with Jesse means more than just exploring what he really wants – it means opening up about parts of his past that he’s not sure he’s ready to share. Will fear keep this pair on the starting line, or will they follow their runaway hearts?

Runaway Heart is a 55,000 word steamy, standalone contemporary m/m romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Bro 4 Bro

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “Loneliness is killing me. I need a bro.” 

A few months after moving for his first real job, Price still hasn’t managed to make friends in his new city. No one here understands his football-playing, beer-drinking ways, and the oppressive solitude drives him to the online personals. He’s not looking for a date, or even for a girl to warm his bed. What he needs more than anything is a bro.

“Internet dating isn’t really my thing, but I’m too far gone to care.”

Kingsley just struck out at the gay bar again – if being too shy to approach anyone is called striking out. Despite having good looks and clever wit on his side, he’s alone. Still tipsy with only his cat for company, he checks out the M4M ads. In the morning, he agrees to meet up with someone… even if he doesn’t remember which ad the guy posted.

“Why did he send me a winky face?” 

Once Price and Kingsley meet up, Price quickly decides they’ll be buddies for life. Meanwhile, Kingsley’s crushing on him. Will Kingsley figure out Price is straight before falling even harder? Or will Price realize the connection they share goes deeper than friendship?

Bro 4 Bro is a 45,000-word standalone friends-to-lovers gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

Sweet deal-HL

Sweet Deal

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Russ is awfully sweet for someone who pretends to be so salty. 

Gruff ex-punk Russ is a sweets-obsessed baker, struggling to get his dream business off the ground. His cupcakes are delicious and everyone loves them—so why is his bakery failing?

“I’m begging you: please call me for an interview…” 

Arthur is about to lose his mind. With his amazing grades and business degree, he thought he’d be a shoe-in at any company in Rosebridge—but he can’t convince anyone to hire him. With his savings drying up, it looks likely that he’ll have to admit defeat and return home to face his homophobic parents.

Arthur is simply off limits—he has to be. 

Arthur is perfect for the bakery: motivated, meticulous, and a great worker. Unfortunately, Arthur is also gorgeous, hilarious, and way too young for Russ to date.

Arthur can’t ignore the way Russ’s strong arms and low laugh send electricity up and down his spine. He can’t let anything jeopardize his new job, but Arthur also can’t ignore how perfect the two of them could be together…

Sweet Deal is a steamy 55,000-word contemporary romance with May/December themes, a workplace romance, and a happily-ever-after ending.

Something new (runaway hearts2)-HL

Something New (Runaway Hearts #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A marriage of convenience is one thing. But married to a straight guy? That’s a whole different story…
Brooklyn Blackwell’s got a dissertation to finish and tenure to secure – the last thing he’s looking for is romance. But with his advisor’s charity on the brink of losing funding, Brooklyn’s got one shot at saving it. The bet seems easy enough: marry a straight guy, stay married for a year, and snag a hundred thousand dollars. It doesn’t count as romance if the guy’s not into him, right? This should be a piece of cake…

“Brooklyn, when I said you looked like someone who needed a date, what I meant was you needed to get laid. I was just trying to be polite.” 

Austin Hastings never planned on getting married – to a man or a woman. Scarred by his parents’ impressively bad example, he planned on traveling the world, not winding up trapped in a relationship in some podunk town. But the longer Austin spends in his mind-numbing corporate job, the more monotonous his life becomes. Marrying a gay guy might seem a little strange, but there’s one thing it’s definitely not: Boring.

“God, is it always this amazing? With a guy? Tell me everything is as good as tonight.”
“Oh honey, you have no idea.” 

There’s only one problem – the more Austin gets to know Brooklyn, the more attractive the guy gets. Normally, he’d be all for a little harmless exploration. But is it still harmless when the guy you’re exploring is your husband? Things get even more complicated when pictures of them in bed together accidentally go viral online. They’re supposed to stay married for a year – will they even make it a month? Or will their marriage of convenience turn into something entirely new?

Something New is an 85,000 word m/m romance with a marriage of convenience, a gay-for-you storyline, and a bunch of steamy scenes that you probably shouldn’t read in public if you blush easily. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

Something New is a loose sequel to my other novel, Runaway Heart. Each book centers on different characters and they can be enjoyed independently, but – just like a certain gruff but sexy biologist and incurably cute management consultant, they’re so much better together!

My Leading Man (NB 1)-HL

My Leading Man (The Neeson Boys #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: There’s no forgetting your first love. 

It’s been twelve years since the boy next door disappeared from Steven Neeson’s life, but he’s never been able to forget the promise they made to each other. Since then, Steven has been lost on his path through life, suffering through stagnation and the inability to follow his desire to become a writer. When he learns that his old neighbor grew up to become a famous movie star, Steven decides to risk everything and leave his life behind. Screenplay in hand, it’s off to LA for a chance at the big time—and to reunite with his childhood sweetheart.

“I moved on. I had to move on.” 

Kalvin Hinderbrook is Hollywood’s hottest new leading man and most eligible bachelor. He’s spent his entire career avoiding romance in order to keep his orientation hidden, afraid that coming out of the closet would kill his chances to reach the A-List. It’s been easy for him to sacrifice love for acting, but that all changes when he shows up in town.

I could still bring it all back as if it were yesterday. 

In just one passionate night, their reunion breaks every wall Kalvin set up to protect himself, but he can’t afford to fall for Steven again. He’s about to take on the biggest role of his career, and he’s sacrificed too much to let it all crumble now—so why can’t he control these feelings he thought were long gone? They once believed they would be together forever. Can old love be strong enough to transcend the challenge of time?

My Leading Man is a 40,000 word steamy MM contemporary romance. This page turner has no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

My Leading Man is the first book in a new Harper Logan series, The Neeson Boys, which features Steven, Gavin and Jay Neeson. Each book can be read as a standalone story, but is more enjoyable when read as a full trilogy!

MY REVIEW: It’s sweet, but there’s an air of strained sadness throughout that I can’t help but wonder how the characters weren’t choking on it. You knew, saw, felt what was coming from the first page. Like a fist to the gut, repeatedly. Yet you kept reading, hoping you didn’t know you were right.
Then, oops, I’m a reserved, cold-hearted, um, and I’m breaking both our hearts FOR NO REASON. I hate when people do this. I’m glad karma had our back, Steven. Just sayin’. Paybacks…
All this to say you are able to see everything that is coming from a mile away, but you can still get drawn in and enjoy what’s going on if you know not to take the material too seriously. It’s meant to be a lighthearted romance, not a serious drama or novel. It delivers.

Groomed to perfection (NB2)-HL

Groomed to Perfection (The Neeson Boys #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I don’t know where to go from here.”

Gavin Neeson worked hard to get into Beasley University—one of the most prestigious institutions in the country—so he could make a better life from himself. Five years after graduating, he’s saddled with massive student loan debt and a finance career he isn’t passionate about. When his ex-boyfriend cheats on him and he gains weight, Gavin finds himself in a rut. In desperate need of a boost, he goes to Rosebridge’s gay bar one night and meets Leigh—the man that’ll change his life forever.

“I’m doing it all for them.”

Leigh Hensley is a rich kid with a trust fund—but he uses every single cent of it to take care of the animals he’s welcomed into his home. Too bad his parents don’t approve of him running an animal rescue. They want him to get married… immediately, or they’re cutting him off. Leigh’s at a loss until he runs into Gavin in a bar and realizes they could come to a mutually beneficial agreement. The two agreed to get married—for each other’s convenience.

“We need to be able to trust each other.”

Leigh and Gavin find that they have to do more and more to satisfy the Hensley parents’ demands, but in the process, they find they might have a connection after all. But Gavin’s worried Leigh won’t like him just the way he is, and Leigh doubts Gavin’s interest in the animal rescue. Will this marriage last long enough for Leigh to get control of his trust fund? And will Gavin overcome his insecurities so he can finally find the love he deserves?

Groomed to Perfection is a 45,000 word steamy MM contemporary romance. This page turner has has no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Groomed to Perfection is the second book in a new Harper Logan series, The Neeson Boys, which features Steven, Gavin and Jay Neeson. Each book can be read as a standalone story, but is more enjoyable when read as a full trilogy!

MY REVIEW: Everybody say “Awww!” cuz this is full of the cute. Leigh is described probably about 14 different times as adorable. Gavin starts out as a teddy bear and becomes a cuddly, sexy hunk. There’s all the critters. Oh, and then we’ve got a sweet cameo by Russ of Cake My Day.
I’m not even mentioning how many proposals there are. Read and find out. This was a sweet, diverting read and I was thoroughly entertained.
I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

Baby daddies (NB3)-HL

Baby Daddies (The Neeson Boys #3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “This can’t seriously be happening.”

When a baby is dropped on Phil Erwin’s doorstep, he has three questions: Why’s it here? Where’d it come from? And how does he get rid of it? The English professor’s worked hard to distance himself from his trashy family, and he’s got enough going on without taking on his irresponsible sister’s problems. To make matters even worse, an airheaded student is there to witness the embarrassing event.

“If you need a babysitter, you know who to call.” 

Jay Neeson has never seen his calm, contemptuous thesis supervisor thrown so far off-balance. Phil’s dazzling intelligence – not to mention his rough-hewn good looks – have always intimidated the masters candidate. Since Jay adores kids, he offers to nanny the chubby-cheeked little girl. Winning Phil’s approval is a potential bonus.

“Nobody wants you, kid. Nobody.” 

Phil’s sense of duty means he’s stuck with the infant for the moment. As he learns to change diapers and heat up formula, he also begins to appreciate Jay’s intelligence and caring. Forced to spend time more together, the two men realize they care for each other – and for Darlene. But as the three start to feel like a family, Phil and Jay’s custody comes into question.

With outsiders trying to take their baby away from them, will Phil and Jay be torn apart too? Or will they manage to give Darlene a loving home?

Baby Daddies is a 50,000 word steamy MM contemporary romance. This page turner has has no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Baby Daddies is the third book in the Neeson Boys series, which features Steven, Gavin and Jay Neeson. Each book can be read as a standalone story, but is more enjoyable when read as a full trilogy!

MY REVIEW: Sweet. A little more focused on the baby than the romance, but that’s the way their feelings are, too, so it worked thematically. Jay was different than I had expected him to be from the other books, not that there’d been a lot of details. Phil was ridiculous with his “I’m so old” at 29, but we can’t help how we feel. Poor thing. Overall, not the best of the Neeson boys, but good.

Tuned (RnR 1)-HL

Tuned (Rhythm and Rhyme #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I’m not sure if love is still in the cards for me.”

Struggling with heartbreak after his break-up, free-spirited musician Zander wonders if it’s ever going to work out with anyone. Or if he even wants it to—romance took its toll on him. With no desire to settle into a conventional life, it was never going to work out with his ex, Jerrad, a lawyer. But after a friend offers Zander a place to stay in the beautiful college town of Rosebridge, he meets someone new—someone who might convince him to give love another chance.

“Nothing is more important than my education.”

Engineering student Tyler worked hard to get into Beasley. His whole life has been dedicated to his education, but he’s neglected both friendships and relationships. Now in his senior year, he’s realized that he’s never dated a guy, or even so much as found one who catches his interest. But then he runs into Zander, a rolling stone who comes into his life and steals his attention—as well as his heart.

“I can’t choose any man over my education, not even him.”

As Tyler and Zander’s relationship blossoms, Tyler’s grades start to slip through his fingers. And once again, Zander has found himself with someone who prioritizes success over him. As Zander starts to build a new life in Rosebridge, he finds he wants Tyler to help complete it—but will Tyler realize how precious love is?

Tuned is a 40,000 word steamy MM standalone romance. It is the first book in the Rhythm and Rhyme series. Each book can be read independently but would be even more enjoyable read as a trilogy! They all contain a happily ever after ending.

MY REVIEW: Another sweet romance from this author. Though to be honest, Zander is the shining gem of this story, while Tyler feels underage and like you want to drop him on his head because he’s so wishy-washy. Not really the type-a that they later call him. Whatever. That’s just my opinion.

Novel love-HL

Novel Love

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I got lost another way—by getting pulled into the life of someone else.”

To say Nate is a bookworm is an understatement. In his struggle to stay positive about love, he spends all his time reading about it, finding books at the bookstore where he works. He hopes to one day find a romance like the ones in the stories he devours—but is it really possible?

“Could I give up my independence? Would it be worth it?”

Jacob has always been a lone wolf, content to be gay—only as long as he can stay in the closet. Growing up with only his mother, he doesn’t have much of anyone else in his life—and he doesn’t need anyone else, either. Until he meets Nate.

“…all I could think about was you, and I needed to get my mind straight.”

Nate and Jacob soon have a beautiful new relationship… but it isn’t long before Jacob finds himself questioning if he’s ready for love to take over his life or not. Can Jacob cope with someone else being in his life? And will Nate get his fairy-tale romance?

Novel Love is a 30,000 word steamy MM standalone romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

MY REVIEW: This is yet another darling romance set in the fictitious Rosebridge the author has created. This book leaves you with a smile, as do all the author’s books. Though the best quote ever HAS to be from Mary-Beth about her enjoyment of a book recommendation from Nate. “It was amazing. Just amazing. If I could eat words, I’d have exploded and died.”

Reverb (rythm n ryhme2)-HL

Reverb (Rhythm and Rhyme #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “I can’t allow myself to slip, not even a little bit.”

Overwhelmed with school and his social life, high-strung violinist Byron is scrambling to get everything ready for graduation. On top of that, he’s working hard to find a job impressive enough for his parents. He’s kept people out with his prickly exterior for too long, though. When a super cute student bumps into him, spilling his coffee—he finds himself wondering if he should give this intriguing new friend a chance.

“I’ve never been able to make friends.”

Biology student Marcus transferred to Beasley with the hope of starting with a clean slate. But he hasn’t been successful in making friends, and the loneliness cuts at his soul. When he bumps into Byron, the mortifying incident turns into the opportunity for an actual social life—and much more. Marcus has never considered dating men before, but the easy rapport he develops with Byron seems like it could lead to something beautiful.

“I’m having such a hard time keeping up.”

As Marcus and Byron’s relationship blossoms, and Byron gets involved with a street performance group, the two find themselves growing in ways they never imagined. Marcus finds the confidence he never thought he had, and Byron learns to relax a little. But when the summer looms, threatening to pull them in different directions, the two men have to make a choice—commit to a relationship, or commit to their ambitions?

Reverb is a 40,000 word steamy MM standalone romance. It is the second book in the Rhythm and Rhyme series. Each book can be read independently but would be even more enjoyable read as a trilogy! They all contain a happily ever after ending.

MY REVIEW: Great writing. Excellent control of the separate character voices, even as they grew. Not every author has always done so. It’s difficult at times. Nice storyline. Sometimes complicated is overrated.
I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

Heartbeat (rythm n ryhme3)-HL

Heartbeat (Rhythm and Rhyme #3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: “My life was definitely smack dab in the middle of a monsoon season.”

Life for Kyle Ellings has been on a downward spiral. After walking in on his boyfriend with another man, Kyle finds his ability to play the drums vanishing into thin air, and with it his scholarships to Beasley University’s prestigious music school. In a last ditch effort to rediscover his mojo, Kyle decides to try busking in the streets—a decision that brings him face to face with the handsome and flirtatious businessman who will change his life forever.

What is it like to feel that passionate about something?

For Matthew Crawford, routine is king. His strict discipline and willingness to sacrifice everything for his business—including love—earned him his millions at an early age. Now, Matthew can’t help but feel like something is missing. When a projectile drum stick brings a sexy street drummer into his life, Matthew thinks he might’ve found that something—or someone.

He was just a one night stand. I don’t even really know him.

Their night of passion was never supposed to be more than a one-time fling, but now Matthew can’t get Kyle out of his head. How can Matthew, the playboy entrepreneur who’s never been in a relationship in his life, convince Kyle to give him a chance? Will Kyle be able to get over his fears and find love and music again?

Heartbeat is a 40,000 word steamy M/M romance page turner, and features a feel good, happily ever after ending. It is the final book in the Rhythm and Rhyme series. Each book can be read independently but would be even more enjoyable read as a trilogy!

MY REVIEW: This is a case of insta-love not written convincingly or well. The writing itself is up to the author’s usual standard, but feels rushed and almost written as an afterthought, or an unwanted and unplanned addition, rather than a third in a series.


The Homiemoon

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Blame Calvin’s upcoming thirtieth birthday. Blame being single and deep in the closet. Blame all his friends for getting married. Or just blame the alcohol for how Calvin uses his best man speech to propose a “homiemoon” to the only other bachelor in the group.

Facing the same life milestone, Adam’s also uneasy. Is something wrong with him? Why hasn’t he met a nice girl by now? Taking a trip with his old college buddy sounds like a good way to clear his head.

Once Calvin is sober, he sees that taking a trip alone with a man he’s wanted for the past decade is a terrible idea. But with the encouragement of some YouTube supporters, the idea takes hold. The two men – and Calvin’s friendly greyhound – set out on a road trip along the East Coast.

Calvin tries to keep his distance, not wanting to let Adam glimpse the secret he’s been keeping for so long. But their proximity’s also making Adam question his assumptions about himself – and his heterosexuality.

When their mutual interest turns physical, will they realize their feelings run deeper than simple lust? And if they do, what will happen when they have to return to real life?

(This 200-page M/M romance has a happy ending and no cliffhangers!)

MY REVIEW: This was a fun and quirky story that ended up being a sweet but not saccharine love story. A story that really is friends falling for each other. And I have to say I was prepared to hate “Fiffany” with her “ruined my wedding” and forcing people out of the closet as payback. But. That’s all I’m saying, cuz I don’t give spoilers.


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