Silver Oak Medical Center series by Aiden Bates

Silver Oak Medical Center Prequel (Silver Oak Medical Center 0.5)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A pharmaceutical rep with a sales record that can’t be beat. A chemical dependency counselor who will fight for his patients with the last ounce of strength in him. A tragedy, and a miracle. Can this alpha and this omega overcome their differences to find their way to true love?
Tom Benedetto is a Chemical Dependency Counselor at Silver Oak Medical Center’s Chemical Dependency Unit. When representatives from local pharmaceutical giant, Match, show up at the Unit promising a huge donation that might be the answer to their prayers, Tom is skeptical.
For starters, Match makes six of the opiates most commonly abused in Central New York. Funding a rehab center isn’t exactly in their best interests.
Justin Amadori is Match Pharma’s Vice President of Medical and Institutional Sales. He’s a salesman, but he’s also a true believer when it comes to Match’s mission: a world free from pain. When the tall, slender counselor gets up in front of the whole staff at the Chemical Dependency Unit and pushes back against the gift Match wants to give them, Justin is angry.
He’s also intrigued.
Intrigue leads to a date, and then to another. But when tragedy strikes, can these two overcome their differences in time to save their family?

MY REVIEW: This was okay. It was pretty much just an argument the whole way through. Not really romantic or sweet or even sexy.

Infectious love (silver oak med ctr)-AB

Infectious Love (Silver Oak Medical Center #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: An omega with a mission. An alpha sworn to serve and protect. And an outbreak that will change both of their lives forever.
Dave Stanek has spent the past decade of his life trying to atone for his family’s sins. While his parents bilked thousands out of their life’s savings and tried to bring him into the family business, Dave has built a successful career in medicine as an infectious disease specialist at Silver Oak Medical Center.
Ken Sykora has seen a lot during his time in the Army and during his years on the force. When someone finds a vial at the scene of a meningitis outbreak, he’s obliged to consult with the Infectious Disease Specialist at Silver Oak Hospital.
When Dave is assigned a meningitis case one evening, he finds himself face to face with the most attractive alpha cop he’s ever seen – and neck-deep in a biological terror case.
Ken shares Dave’s attraction, notwithstanding the doctor’s superiority complex. Despite the gravity of the case they’re working, their mutual desire proves too much to contain. But when a night of pleasure leads to unintended consequences, they’ll have to decide if they can overcome their differences and build a life together – while catching a killer.
Overflowing with passionate, explicit scenes of gay alpha/omega mpreg romance, Infectious Love is a 52,000 words and intended for adult readers only.

MY REVIEW: The story was good. The writing was good. The romance had no heat, seemed barely secondary to the main storyline. The epilogue would have been fine if the author had stopped before introducing the dad into it. That was useless and pointless and truthfully rather mystifying. Overall just a waste of everyone’s time.

Deliver me (SOMC 1)-AB

Deliver Me (Silver Oak Medical Center #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Torn between passion and profession, what will he choose?

Losing his brother at a young age sets Carter Idoni’s future in motion. Dedicating his life to saving people, Dr. Carter will do anything for his patients. And when the medical center gets taken over by a national network of hospitals, Carter is instantly attracted to the new CEO. Finn Riley may be handsome and rugged, but his icy demeanor is a turnoff for a loving man like Carter.

As the two strong-willed men fight over patient care and procedures, more than their anger heats up. Suddenly, their passion is undeniable and irresistible. But when one night of desire turns to promise, tragedy strikes, threatening to destroy all they’ve built. Can they find comfort in each other or will the pain ultimately rip them apart?

This 100,000 word steamy book in the Silver Oak Medical Center series is a stand-alone novel that will pull at your heartstrings. When one man ends up pregnant, the worst happens. You will be cheering for these two lovers as they claw their way back from pain for a future and a family together.

MY REVIEW: Finn was filled with rage from the beginning, and then confused and raging and then insisted some change of mind he had should have mystically conveyed itself to Carter and pouted when it didn’t.
Carter was Dr. Perfect, of course. Except for a whole list of things you need to read to find about.
Usually, when two people fight and do the enemies to lovers things it feels like there is sexual tension. Not like one guy’s gonna slug the other guy cuz he’s a rage-aholic. And not cuz the other guy acts like an unprofessional brat. This left me cold. I hope the rest of the series is better.

Playing daddy (SOMC)-AB

Playing Daddy (Silver Oak Medical Center #3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: There’s more on the line than fame and fortune when this movie star wants a family with the man of his dreams.

Blockbuster action star, Dylan, will do anything for the big screen. No stunt is off-limits for this daredevil. But when his latest stunt lands in him in the hospital, more than his acting career is on the line. With a pushy agent and an impatient director, Dylan might not get the care he needs for a proper recovery.

When Rick, the chief resident doctor, steps in, he can’t wait to get his hands on Dylan–and heal his body and heart. As they grow closer and their passion ignites, Rick knows one thing is for certain, he’ll do anything he can to protect Dylan from the vicious and unforgiving plans that Hollywood has in store for Dylan. But the powers-that-be will stop at nothing to destroy Dylan’s chance at a future with Rick. After all, their biggest star can’t possibly drop everything to settle down and start a family of his own

Now, with a baby on the way, Rick and Dylan must fight for what they really want. Can they to stay together when everyone is trying to stop them from “Playing Daddy?”

In this 100,000-word novel, Playing Daddy, two men discover how hard falling in love can be with a baby on the way when Hollywood pulls out all the stops to keep them apart. With explicitly hot scenes, this novel will take you through a passionate ride–full of love. But in the end, will family prevail?

MY REVIEW: A full and dramatic story that will have you angry and perplexed. The title doesn’t seem to sync up with the storyline very well, in my opinion, but that’s minor. The love story is good and believable. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

Family law (SOMC)-AB

Family Law (Silver Oak Medical Center #4)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Reunited and it feels better than good…
It was a long time ago, but Luke will never forget Jason Delancey and their first kiss under the bleachers of football practice. Now, twenty years later, he has a lot more to focus on than the one man who got away. Divorced with a seven-year-old son and a vicious lawsuit against the Silver Oak Medical Center to deal with, Luke has no time for reminiscent feelings of the past.
When Jason walks back into his life as the attorney on the case, all of those old emotions and desires come tumbling forth. But when Luke’s overprotective brothers try to get in the way of a reunion between the long-lost lovers, it’s up to Jason and Luke to fight for what they couldn’t have so long ago. And the fight is harder than they ever imagined as they go up against Luke’s family and a lawsuit that’s determined to destroy them. With their future family on the line, can these two finally overcome family law and retrieve the love they were destined to find?
In this 100,000-word gay, second-chance romance novel, Family Law, lovers from the past are reunited by fate. With steamy scenes and sexy scenarios, you’ll be ready to reignite their passion as these two men rekindle what was once lost. And after one man discovers he’s pregnant, they know they have everything to fight for.

MY REVIEW: As a standalone title, this was great. As the third in a series, it was excellent and the best one so far.
Harvey was a sweet additional MC, as was Caleb. Though I greatly prefer pets over kids.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

Instant family (SOMC)-AB

Instant Family (Silver Oak Medical Center #5)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: He finds his true love, but can an instant family really be what he wants?
Just as oncologist, Dr. Allen delivers a baby girl into the world, the mother dies, dimming Allen’s typical sunny disposition. Desperate and determined to do something to help just one person, Allen agrees to help Brantley. He’s in danger of having his asylum revoked, which will send him right back to an unsafe situation.
But when Allen agrees to “fake it,” and pretend that Brantley is his lover, he has no idea what he’s in for. As feelings grow deeper between them, the two men cannot resist the passion that ignites them. However, the timing just couldn’t be worse. Allen’s fighting to adopt his late patient’s daughter, while the sword of ICE threatens to destroy them. Can the two men turn something fake into the real love they’ve both always wanted?
In this 110,000 word gay mpreg romance novel, two men discover that happily-ever-afters aren’t just for fairytales. When one man is asked to pretend to love another, he learns firsthand what true love is all about. With steamy scenes and loyal, intelligent, and sexy men, this novel will have you begging for a physical of your own. And when one man discovers he’s pregnant, you’ll see just how “playing house” can turn into making a home.

MY REVIEW: There’s just the right amount of fear and tension and danger and believability to make this scary. And good. This story was less sexy and romantic than political, though it tried to balance out. It was still a good read.
I read this ARC and this is my honest review.

Rock the cradle (silver oak med ctr)-AB

Rock the Cradle (Silver Oak Medical Center #6)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A DJ becomes a hero. A doctor weathers a family tragedy. And a thin wall between them…
Radio DJ Derek Brown grew up in foster care. He’s built a decent life for himself, but when he’s called on to save a terrified young girl from traffickers he doesn’t hesitate to step in, even at the risk of his own life. The young rising star has become an overnight hero.
Alpha Alex Brennan is a trauma surgeon at Silver Oak Medical Center. When he checks on the patient he operated on the day before, he’s startled to find the “hero DJ” is his hated next-door neighbor.
Despite their shared animosity, Alex can’t ignore Derek’s heroism. When the rescued girl takes shelter with Derek to recover, Alex finds himself drawn to the young omega even further. Working with Derek and his guest dredges up old family tragedies for Alex, and not everyone in Alex’ family is thrilled about the new people in Alex’s life.
Can Alex and Derek forge their own path through family tragedy, and build a new and healthy family together? Or will their pasts keep them apart forever?
Enemies become lovers in this highly erotic gay mpreg tale. This 106,000-word book is brimming with explicit man-on-man action, and is intended for adults only.

MY REVIEW: Heartbreaking and aggravating and suspenseful, this is a great read. The one MC makes you hate him pretty much the whole entire time. Even at the end where there’s supposedly a HEA. That part might not have been intentional, but it may have. You don’t always get great people to love you because you deserve them, right?
I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

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