Wretched Tales / Blazing Trails universe by BL Morticia

The Wretched Tales Volume One (Wretched Tales #1.1-1.7)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Corey Patrick’s adventures in full form with an extra story added. Before Nicholai tells his side, Corey gives you the lowdown on the best fictional metal band in the world!

* The Wretched Tales 1.1: Corey’s Debut
* The Wretched Tales 1.2: Keeping Up Appearances
* The Wretched Tales 1.3: Deep Dark Secret
* The Wretched Tales 1.4: On the Down Low in Detroit
* The Wretched Tales 1.4: Confessions Over Lust, Liquor, and Weed
* The Wretched Tales 1.6: Clusterfucked
* The Wretched Tales Last Chance: Corey’s Last Chance

MY REVIEW: Sadly, this is nothing but a poor excuse at maintaining the stereotype that pansexuals are whores, hos, or have sexually loose morals and are constantly having sex with anyone who cross their paths. No, I am not, thankyouverymuch. The character Corey is horny and surrounded by equally horny folk who all want who they want. Fine, whatever. It has nothing to do with pansexuality. It has to do with their age and lifestyle and being surrounded by attractive people, full of adrenaline–frequently because of performances and drugs. When he finally has his “ah-ha” moment? He says he’s not pan, he’s a whore. Really?! Because that pansexual=whore equation does SO MUCH to fix the damage. *rolls eyes*
I’m honestly afraid to read the second volume. As much as the fa~~~t word gets thrown around and stereotypes celebrated…

The Wretched Tales Volume Two (Wretched Tales #2.1-2.5)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Corey Patrick’s adventures with The Wretched continues. In this volume, Nicolai takes over the narrator mic and Corey gets his heart broken in the end.

MY REVIEW: Corey is fickle. And he does not display any hint of a high IQ that was casually mentioned about him. If you’re gonna claim it, back it up, people. Give it life. Nicolai is manipulative and a jerk, though he does have a vision and reasons. It doesn’t excuse his actions or his words, though.
I know a goal is to evoke feelings about the work, but not these kinds of feelings. Trust me on this.

The Wretched Tales Volume Three: The Wretched Tales Final Volume

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Corey Patrick tries to pick up the pieces …

After being duped into thinking he was in love with Trey Delaconte of Burnt Ash, Corey decides to take some frustration out on his lead singer. However, after getting an unexpected visitor from the past, Corey sees red and is poised to seek revenge on Nicolai for past transgressions involving his former band. Can Corey pull it off and thus, keep his job as The Wretched’s bass player?

This is the final volume of The Wretched Tales series. Books must be read in order.

MY REVIEW: A good ending (and decent setup to the spin-off) to a difficult series to tolerate. This author can do so much better. And the premise was a good one. The delivery, though, and perpetuation of a stereotype for entertainment… I just feel angry and dirty and used.


Blazing Trails With Hirah Blaze (Blazing Trails, #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: If you want somethin’ real bad, you gotta work harder than everyone else.
My grandma was right about that. I did want to be the best damn guitarist. Not the best female guitarist or the best black female guitarist. The best fucking guitarist on the planet. Although Sarge and Diabolical Plan had given me the initial opportunity to show off my chops, I couldn’t be what I wanted to be with my ex-boyfriend steering the ship. I had to be the captain of my destiny. I had to be the one taking the lead.

Five months into it and I’m still pinching myself over this. Me, the little black goth girl from Milwaukee, along with Corey, Bryan Taylor, Nicolai Zander and the new guy on bass named Chad Stephenson.

Have I mentioned that Chad is hot as hell?

More about that later.

This is a spinoff of The Wretched Tales with new guitarist Hirah Blaze. She’s kicking ass and taking names, looking to become the metal world’s newest guitar goddess, but will she get sidetracked by The Wretched’s gorgeous new bass player?

MY REVIEW: I’m still chuckling over the ending. Yup. That’s a Texas boy fer ya. Wiley rascal. Plus, she really did need need to be brought down a peg. I look forward to the next book.
Being from Texas myself, it’s nice that a character isn’t just some cowboy. There are layers and differences. Thank you for that.
Hirah is still just as cocky and full of fire as her name says. She’s also a little lost and vulnerable inside herself where the reader can see and connect to her.
Yay now it’s time for book 2!

Blazing Trails With Hirah Blaze (Blazing Trails, #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: This man had me.
Oh God, he had me in a freaking tizzy.
I want Chad.
I want Chad Stephenson.
I want him in my bed.
I want him now before we go on this stage.
Oh shit.
I am such a goner.
I am off the deep end now.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
I’m supposed to be all about fucking world domination with my guitar, not obsessing over my hotter-than-hell bass player.
It’s show time for The Wretched. We’re about to go on tour and I’m stoked to be onstage in front of thousands. However, I can’t get a certain someone off my mind. Hot bassist, Chad Stephenson has become my crack and I’m happily addicted.
This is a spinoff of The Wretched Tales with new guitarist Hirah Blaze. She’s kicking ass and taking names, looking to become the metal world’s newest guitar goddess!

MY REVIEW: Enjoyable, believable. The way the characters speak bring them to life. It seems nobody can get Texas-speak down right, often. Not a problem, here. It’s also nice that the support cast are interesting, too. I’m officially putting in my order for a Grandma Ruthie RIGHT NOW! There’s jealousy, sadness, a little tit for tat… I’m so hoping this is not the last book in this series.

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