Sky High Scaffolds series by H.J. Perry

Our Secret Wedding (SHS Book 1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains a whole lot of man-on-man love action, and an elopement to Gretna Green for a secret wedding.

Impulsive and romantic, Connor is set to take over the family business, Sky High Scaffolds, with his siblings. But he might be ruled out as possible CEO, because even though he’s almost thirty, he’s still single.
Connor makes a life-changing chance discovery about a member of his construction team. Lee is gay, but no one at work knows. The macho scaffolding crew aren’t known for their gay-friendliness.

At twenty-nine years of age, sexy scaffolder Lee is looking for love and commitment. He’s not about to hook up with any straight guy who’s going through a gay experimental phase. Especially not his work colleague, Connor.

Lee fears rejection if and when Connor wakes up and realizes he’s not bisexual and not into guys.
Connor fears losing the love of his life if he can’t prove he’s serious about him and win Lee’s heart.

Standalone novel with a happy ending.

our secret christmas (shs2)-HJP

Our Secret Christmas (SHS Book 2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A feel-good, heartwarming, sexy story unlike any other story that you’ve read with Christmas in the title.
Christmas is a really big deal in Britain. The parties and preparations begin in November, at the latest.
In the construction industry, Christmas means two weeks off work for Connor and Lee.
Yes, two weeks.
They’ve only been dating since September.
In secret.
They just want to spend the holiday time together, like any other gay guys in love.
Alone and mostly naked.
And we all know the true meaning of Christmas is explaining and justifying to friends and family how you are spending the holiday and who with.

This is another Sky High Scaffolders story, written mostly in British but with American spelling.
An M/M story of 44,000 words. A long novella, not quite long enough to be a novel when size matters.

Our Secret Christmas is a companion to Our Secret Wedding.

tread the boards (shs3)-HJP

Tread the Boards (SHS Book 3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A feel-good, out-for-you, straight-to-gay romance. Love at first sight leads to lots of man-to-man kissing and no angst.
He’s liberal-minded & modern-thinking, but underneath it, all Ben’s shook up when his work colleagues come out. Macho construction workers and gay loving do not go together in his brain. So of course, he can’t stop thinking about it.
Tom is slowly getting over the heartache of his past when he’s swept away by a straight-acting but flirty scaffolder. With enough baggage of his own, should Tom spend time with Ben when he discovers Ben wasn’t acting?
Is it time for Tom to ditch the low paid work, pick up the threads of his life and resume his professional career?
Ben may have always considered himself straight, but his feelings for Tom are very real. How could he tell his family, his friends and his son? Will Ben be forced to choose between the important people in his life? His son and Tom?
A romance story in which people learn more about labels and identities.
A standalone romance novel. Overlapping characters with Our Secret Wedding.
55,000 words.
Set in Britain with (mostly) American spelling.

secret boyfriend (shs4)-HJP

A Secret Boyfriend (SHS Book 4)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Opposites attract and construction workers are romantic by the truckload.
He knows the truth: Kevin is bisexual. He’s had girlfriends and craves experience with men. He’d never tell anyone his sexy or romantic fantasies. And could never imagine coming out to his dad and mates. They are all macho construction workers.

Opposites attract.
Out, loud, and proud: Perry is at a stage in his life when he doesn’t need a boyfriend just casual fun. He avoids hookup apps. There are only so many times a guy can read “no femmes” before it messes with his self-esteem. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to meet guys. Some of those are not things you’d admit to your coworkers in the supermarket.

Unlikely circumstances keep bringing Kevin and Perry together.
Kevin & Perry’s story is another low angst, feel-good, gay romance in the Sky High Scaffolders (Our Secret Wedding) series.

*** This can be read as a standalone title. ***

51,000 words of sexy romance with a happy ending and no cheating.

MY REVIEW: This book has confirmed that I need the rest of the series in my life. While it wasn’t prudish, it also wasn’t graphic. It was sexy, though. And it was a nice change of pace to find an author who understands that not every love story has to be rife with difficulties to overcome. Simply the nerves and the new person in your life can be enough of a challenge to deal with. It’s the nuances and subtleties that can be the most glaring signs of a person’s true feelings about you. It’s not always about grand gestures.
I loved that I could completely relate to how both characters thought and felt. I am Perry, in that I am me and I don’t hide it, but am willing and able to be patient with people who aren’t in the same chapter of life as I am. I am Kevin in that I simply judge people on who they are, and usually find their mannerisms to be part of their charm, rather than a reason to dismiss them or assume anything about them.
Sweet. Perfectly simple. Touching.


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