Settling the Score by Eden Winters

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Outed and dumped on national television by his rising star boyfriend, Joey Nichols must face the bigotry of the locals in his small Southern town alone. His dreams of a happy ever after lie crushed at his feet.

Novelist Troy Steele has an axe to grind against Hollywood heartbreaker types. Transforming Joey into a gorgeous, unobtainable hunk would be payback worthy of Troy’s poison pen. It’s a brilliant way to get back at Joey’s image-obsessed ex-boyfriend and the movie producer who’s mutilating Troy’s novels.

What begins as simple revenge may tangle them together in something far more complicated. Living well may be the best revenge, but Troy and Joey could rewrite that to loving well.

MY REVIEW: This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.
Yes, this is a plot that’s been used many times before. But the characters are wonderful and unique. Each one is a treasure, a true gem. Yes, there’s anger and anguish in this book, but there’s also humor and sweetness and yearning. And beautiful, blessed, perfect revenge. (Cue evil smirk.)
If there ever comes a sequel, I will be in line for it. Same goes for if the author decides to give Kez his own story. Or Erica, which is really saying something, since it wouldn’t even be in the same genre.

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