Peter’s Bundle series by Peter Styles

Peter’s Bundle 1

AUTHOR’S BLURB: This bundle includes 5 stories bundled into one package. If you buy them individually, it would be $15 but you can buy them all at once in this bundle for only $9.99!

A Love Story

Alex has been down on his luck. He’s out of work, he’s been through a breakup, and now his friends are kicking him out of the house. Little does he expect how much his life will change when he answers an ad in the newspaper for a position as a caretaker to a cantankerous, neurotic writer.

Chasing the Stag

When Eric Pawlenty is rejected by the coworker he’s liked for years, he decides he is tired of the dating game. Desperate to know for certain that the relationship he’s pursuing will last, he goes on a dating show – only to learn that sometimes love doesn’t play by the rules we have in mind.

Finding Perfect

When a writer and artist are accidentally double-booked for a cabin residency deep in the woods, they must find a way to keep their clashing lifestyles from ruining their romance. But neither of them expected their efforts at love to yield such sexy results…

Ride With Me

Strangers Sure Cho and Carlos Galarza meet on a bus and decide to travel the world together. Feeling a little spontaneous, they agree that if they can make it through ten countries together, they’ll get married on the spot. But before they can complete their goal, a call from home sends them on their most trying adventure yet – testing their love for each other and their desire to honor the journey.

Slow Burn

One decision to stay changes both of their lives and a fire that burns so hot between them is the only thing that’ll be left standing when the past catches up with Derek and what’s in the dark is forced to the light for Jean.

Disclaimer: This book contains adult, sexually explicit content. This should not be viewed for anyone under the age of 18.

MY REVIEW: I was glad to see only one book I’ve read previously (and gave a favorable review of, I believe) in this bundle. The rest were the very decent and entertaining stories by an enjoyable author. There was nothing to either stand up and shout praise about or stand up and brandish pitchforks about. It was simply an enjoyable experience.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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