Outside the Lines by Caitlin Ricci

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Alex has always wanted to help people, so when he finds a scared, homeless child, he doesn’t hesitate to take ‘Socks’ to the shelter where he works, Trinity House.

Over the course of four years, a chance meeting turns into friendship. When Socks turns eighteen, they’re excited, because it means they can move in with Alex—until Alex rejects them, and Socks realizes an affection they thought mutual was only ever one-sided.

Years later, Socks has become Trin, a psychiatrist who specializes in helping children. And they still want desperately to know why Alex rejected them long ago…

MY REVIEW: Confession: this is my first romance involving an agender-identifying person. Though I was curious to see how it was handled and if I enjoyed it, I was also worried. I very much believe that you love a person, not their biology or orientation, but then don’t we all worry that something will come along to prove our most beloved truths are not as pure and steadfast as we believe or want them to be?
After reading this, I still very much believe love is based on the person, I am relieved to say. And this book, in my limited opinion, seems to handle Socks/Trin’s situation beautifully and with a gentle, loving thoughtfulness. Unlike some of the books I’ve read that involve experiences I am familiar with, I don’t know for sure if there was anything inaccurate or mishandled, but I doubt it. And if there was, you can tell that it was completely unintentional and not meant to show any disrespect or disregard. It comes off very much like a celebration or embodiment to the saying “love is love.”

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