In The Cards by Peter Styles

AUTHOR’S BLURB: The tarot is supposed to show you your past, present, and future. But can it tell you how to choose between the man in your past and the man in your future?

Al is a hard-nosed scientist who spends just about all of his time either at school or hanging out with his hippy aunt. To most people, he seemed boring, or even just a little unusual: he loves sharks, deep sea creatures, and teaching at the university where he is getting is doctorate in biology. No one would ever guess that, behind closed doors, he’s sleeping with his incredibly handsome – and incredibly married – adviser, Hugh.

Al is content to sail through life working hard on his studies and waiting for his studly boyfriend to finally leave his husband, but when he meets a smart, equally dedicated professor who happens to love reading tarot cards and spiritualism, he starts to doubt his plans – and his boyfriend. Between dealing with his aunt’s eccentricities, his growing feelings for Finn, and his fears about whether or not his boyfriend is as dedicated to their relationship as he is, his plate is already full. When a deck of tarot cards and a dead frilled shark are added to the pile, it creates a giant headache for Al and everyone around him.

This book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. It is approximately 50,000 words has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

MY REVIEW: I would give this 3.5 stars if that were an option.
I hate reading about cheating. It’s never made sense to me and it’s not sexy. But I know it happens. Like Finn, I don’t judge everyone involved, just their actions. And yes, it made Al’s behavior more easily understood when you get the background info.
I feel that Al and Finn got together a little too quickly after Al was free, even considering they’d had friendship and attraction for months. So that detracted from their believability for me. But it was a well-written story that keeps you mimicking Al’s emotions, which is important.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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