Hideaway Resort by Peter Styles

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A heartbroken Dominic has spent a year preparing for a wedding that never happened. His boyfriend, Jake, left him at the altar in the most heartless possible way, and now Dominic is stuck with a non-refundable tropical honeymoon that he doesn’t even want. Unwilling to let the ticket go to waste, and desperate to get as far away from his ex-fiance as possible, Dominic takes the four-hour flight to the nameless island which houses the year’s hottest honeymoon getaway: Hideaway Resort.

Everything about the island is created for lovers. Everything, that is, except the humble island bar on the beach, set apart from the tourist traps of the boardwalk. Dominic finds solace here, and immediately strikes up a flirtation with the sexy bartender, Bo. Assuaging his guilt and pain with alcohol, Dominic allows Bo to sweep him off his feet. Maybe an island romance is just what Dominic needs to get him past Jake’s betrayal.

All of his progress is undone in a single moment when Jake appears on the island unexpectedly, intent on winning Dominic back. He comes bearing reasons, excuses, and rationalizations; will Dominic learn enough about himself and his former lover to cut through the manipulation? Jake doggedly pursues him, but Dominic has already fallen for the enticing Bo.

Dominic will have to neutralize the threat that Jake represents to his future happiness, while confronting the disaster of his broken heart. Bo protects him, both physically and emotionally, supporting him through one tough decision after another; but it’s just a fling. After all, Dominic’s vacation will eventually be over.

Through a series of events outside of Dominic’s control, he finds himself trapped on the island for weeks. Bo offers him a chance to stay forever. He gives him the choice: stay, and spend the rest of his life in a tropical paradise; or leave, to return to a crushing environment with the threat of Jake’s retribution on every corner. When Dominic is confronted with the choice, he has to question his own motives. Is he falling in love? Or is he just afraid to go home?

This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger. There is a free bonus chapter that is at the end of the book. Additionally, there is a free book a free book at the end called Vanity Chase.

MY REVIEW: Though the foreshadowing was transparent, the book is an absolute delight. It has a creep to hate and then almost feel sorry for. It has a nicely paced romance. It was nice that the couple didnt lock eyes, fall instantly in forever love and start humping each other. There was time to savor them as they got to know each other, taking us along for the ride and enjoying the scenery as we went. Not that it was slow, it just wasnt ridiculously fast. It was just right.
I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book for an honest and unbiased review.

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