The Caring-Shell by K.L. Schaefer

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Far far away in another galaxy, on an earthlike planet, there exists a race of mammalian creatures who lay eggs and are functional hermaphrodites.

This is the tale of Jilvray of the Clan of Hilvesh. Taken captive by this infamous Clan, ee has long ago given up all hope of escape. Then a new scharn is brought in, a youngster who still longs for freedom and isn’t about to give up without a fight.

I write what I call Anthropological Science Fiction, for lack of a better term. No hard science, no space ships or galactic empires, and definitely no humans. I prefer to imagine what other sorts of sentient beings on distant planets might be like, especially ones who reproduce in ways very unlike we do, and then figure out what their societal arrangements might be like as a result.
If you enjoy reading stories about life on other worlds told from the point of view of beings who differ from us in various ways, this book, along with my other books, is for you.

MY REVIEW: Okay, so I have read this latest, extended or meatier version. And the previous version. This latest edition is sooo much better! There is a greater depth to it, with the revisions. The story is basically alien critters who are required to be in triads and centers around one of the critters in particular. I like the uniqueness of the concept and details, and the fact that the main character isn’t written as pure and innocent, but damaged, worn-down, broken and ugly in ways. But still able to love and be lovable and redeemable.

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