Crushing by Amanda Young

AUTHOR’S BLURB: When his girlfriend demands he settle down and start a family, Cole Winchester has some hard decisions to make. Marry his girlfriend, or finally break free of the closet and own up to his attraction to men.

A run in with an old friend on the beach, propels Cole’s fantasies out into the open and forces him to confront his deepest desires. Before him, lies the choice of a lifetime–embrace his desire for another man or go back to living the cold, repressed life he carved for himself.

Author’s note: this title was previously released under the name Taboo Desires.

MY REVIEW: The beginning is awkward and very stilted. But once you get past that scene, it warms up quickly and draw you in and makes you very glad you stuck it out. While not the most original premise, I find that most plotlines have already been told and it’s the details that are what’s important. And how they are conveyed. The details in this story are adequately cute to have entertained me and made me look for other writings by this author.
I voluntarily read this book in exchange for a completely honest review.

MY RAVE: Something I would like to bring a little special attention to that this story brings up. The art of restraint. Too few people–whether they are writers, fashion designers, artists, or just humans without any other classification or label–really appreciate the art of subtlety or restraint. Holding back. Waiting. Yeah, big surprise, sex on the first date. I’m talking the language they use or are careful of not using because they know they want it to actually mean something.

MY RANT: So what’s up with being mad at someone if you know they were broken up with a person, just because their ex shows up at their place? Especially if you find evidence they didn’t know they knew the ex was coming over. How do you justify that?

MY RAVE: The author knew just where to end it to keep from spoiling the story.

MY RANT: I hate that there isn’t more.

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