Men of Midnight Dreams series by Celia Blyth

Accidentally Famous (Men of Midnight Dreams #1)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: This story was originally published as I Was a Famous Rock Star under the name Alexandra Ainsworth. The book has been significantly revised and reedited.

The whole world knows who you are . . . but you’ve forgotten everything since high school.

When Caleb wakes up in a glamorous clinic in California, he”s a changed man. His once-scrawny body is toned, his now-white teeth gleam, and everyone looks at him in adoration. Caleb shouldn’t even be in the US–he’s English and has never traveled farther than London.

Somehow Caleb transformed from an eighteen-year-old, sexually questioning, reclusive high school student who spent his free time composing and practicing music in his parents’ shabby council flat to become a world famous rock star with adoring fans and his own mansion in Beverly Hills.

Caleb bravely tries to fit into his new life as he recovers from his amnesia. But who is the handsome young Latino publicity manager who visits him in the hospital? Why does everyone think Caleb is straight? What has Caleb forgotten? And will he ever remember?

MY REVIEW: This has a strong voice which is compelling and gives the same sense of confusion and wonder the main character feels. The only complaint I really have is the reunion between the two lovebirds seems very tame and anti-climatic. Almost passionless, especially when throughout the rest of the book the tension was almost palpable.

Mr Off limits (MoMD 2)-CB

Mr. Off-Limits (Men of Midnight Dreams #2)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Superstar Ezra Williamson is battling some seriously pesky feelings. When his Mom meets the man of her dreams, he’s delighted—until Mr. Stepfather-to-be’s hot son moves into his Santa Monica mansion for the summer, and Ezra’s heart races like it’s never done before.

Bad boy intern Alec Vandergeld has big problems. His Dad is scamming again, and Alec vows to keep him on the right side of the law, even if it means getting the sexy star to kick them out. Everyone knows Ezra is straight, and should loathe Alec’s inappropriate advances. Instead they become everything stepbrothers should never be.

If Alec reveals his father is more con man than prince charming, he’ll lose everything. But if he pursues his desires, Ezra’s rock star career will be destroyed. Alec needs to act fast, but there’s no way out…or is there?

This story was originally published as My Stepbrother the Rock Star under the name Alexandra Ainsworth.

MY REVIEW: Sweet. Though I truly do not understand WHY there is any taboo for grown-a** folk to get together, regardless of if their parents are together or not, if they are step “kids” (who just happen to be adults, thankyouverymuch). So for the entire book, I really was confused about why there couldn’t be a second gay band member if there could be one. And if the guys were both over 18, were not related to each other and hadn’t been raised with each other as siblings, I didn’t see how it could be seen as inappropriate. Or how they thought anyone else would see it as such. And if anyone else did, tough. That’s their problem.
But they were sweet together, and I like the author’s writing, even if some of it mystifies me.

Secret Celebrity (MoMD 3)-CB

Secret Celebrity (Men of Midnight Dreams #3)

AUTHOR’S BLURB: Undercover FBI agent Vinny Angelini is in big trouble. Twelve years of excelling at choir at his very Catholic school landed him a nightmare assignment: a stint as a rock star.

Vinny’s off to stop a bomb from exploding on the Midnight Dreams tour and going undercover is the only way to get the group of celebrity suspects to trust him.

But pretending to be a rock star isn’t easy and solving a crime is tough when the spotlight’s all on you. Especially when Vinny becomes way too intrigued with famous, flamboyant, fantastic rock star Giorgio Calla, who is everything Vinny’s former nuns told him he absolutely shouldn’t desire. All signs point to Giorgio being the prime suspect, and unless Vinny finds the real criminal, Vinny might find himself locking up the guy who might just be the one.
Note: This book was previously published as Agent Rock Star by Alexandra Ainsworth.

MY REVIEW: I like the author’s writing. I like reading series. So those are two good things. But I have to be honest and fair, which means pointing out the negatives as well.
One guy seems to be in love because the other one is happy and sort of effeminate and hot. So what happens when his looks get older or he has a bad day (or longer)? The other is in love because the one tried to be heroic. Once. And knows CPR. Really?
The book concentrates on the case, though not well. And emphasizes the constricted feelings of one guy. Yet, the other guy doesn’t even know how transformed he becomes by the end of the book? It all seems a bit shallow.


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