I Now Pronounce You… series by Van Cole

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Husband

AUTHOR’S BLURB: When Deny Owes Arne A Favor, Marriage Was Not What He Was Expecting

Arne has a proposition. He marries his friend, Deny, in order for his kid to have some much needed security and potentially benefit from a life insurance policy. It’s only on paper and it won’t change anything, he thinks.

Recently bereaved and definitely not looking for love, this seems like it could be the perfect solution to his worries for the future.

But if only life could be that simple though! In this romantic short story, the strength of their friendship is sorely tested to the limit as the legitimacy of their marriage is called into question. To add to all this, there are some inconvenient feelings that must be dealt with.

Do Deny and Arne really want to have to go through their lives faking a marriage?

Or will they decide with their hearts to be free to love who they want – regardless of who that may be?

The Honeymoon

AUTHOR’S BLURB: The Wedding Was The Easy Part… But How Much Longer Can This Gay And Straight Man Convince People They’re A Real Gay Couple?

Meet Deny and Arne, they are a recently married couple with no secrets whatsoever …aren’t they? The two hockey players have only recently arrived home from honeymoon to a whole heap of problems and already there are questions about the legitimacy of their union.

On top of this, 100% straight acting Arne has gone and got romantically entangled with another woman – on his honeymoon! Should he tell her about his marriage? What is he going to tell his son, whom he has only got into this situation in order to protect financially?

With investigations from the authorities, everything seems to be spiraling out of control. The lies that the pair has told everyone seems destined to bite them on the ass, hard, if they can’t get their stories straight.

The problem is that no one really knows that they are a couple yet… except, of course, they aren’t really – are they?

This Is The Sequel To Van Cole’s Best Selling Story I Now Pronounce You Husband And Husband

MY REVIEW: Needs help in the editing department but is a fun little read. It leaves me curious about the first book, which I have, but have yet to read.
I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

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