Ulterior Motives by Van Cole

AUTHOR’S BLURB: What Happens When 2 Strangers Get Married In Vegas?

Zachary has a problem. In seven days’ time, he inherits his father’s hockey club, but there’s one catch. He must be married first. The thing is, he already is …just no one else knows it yet…including his groom! One lost night in a Vegas hotel room led to wedding bells – but he never saw the guy again.

Then Zach discovers he can’t inherit without finding his missing husband first and signing on the dotted line. Will he be able to find him and persuade him to act married for seven days so he can inherit?

But Zach’s problems are nothing compared to Angel’s. …A hockey ace with a talent for mayhem. Angel won’t let anyone close and has been trying to push Zach out of his mind since they met. However, he is in desperate trouble and needs his help badly.

With so much at stake, can Zach count on Angel’s help?

This Is A Romance Short Story With A FREE Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

MY REVIEW: Interesting. Seems rather incomplete, though. Perhaps the author is planning on a sequel?

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