Dirty Fashion by Jay Blair

AUTHOR’S BLURB: A boring office job sitting at a cubicle all day, staring at a screen, is an unfortunate reality for a lot of workers. Wes Hawkins never wanted a life like that. Ever since he was a little kid, he rode his bike around New York City to do errands for his family. The feel of the wind in his hair, and the freedom of being able to travel around faster than the cars, inspired him to take on a job as a bike courier when he graduated high school. Wes delivers anything and everything, and is always on the lookout for new clients.

One such new client just so happens to be Cliff Payton, a renowned fashion photographer who was disowned by his family for being gay. Cliff also strives to live out his life in his own way, going against the norm. When he meets Wes, he finds himself instantly attracted to the stubborn courier. The problem is, Wes isn’t gay.

Then, Cliff does the unthinkable and hires Wes to work for him full-time. Even more unthinkable is the fact that Wes agrees!
As time goes on and the two start to know each other better, tragedy strikes. The circumstances surrounding the incident are mysterious and unclear, which begs the question of whether or not an office job would have been a better line of work after all.

This book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This book does not end in a cliffhanger, has a happy ending, and is around 30,000 words.

MY REVIEW: Cute. Little. Sweet. It reminds me of the almost perfect handful of trail mix. And then as the (appropriately named) chip company says you can’t have just one, it makes me want to make a feast of these gems.
You don’t really dive too deep with the characters or the story. But you do enjoy them. They are pleasant. They make you smile. And for someone who was reading while they had a migraine, take that seriously.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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