Birthday Treat by Sadi Mckena

AUTHOR’S BLURB: WARNING: These stories are Super Hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

On Jason’s twenty-first birthday his best friend and roommate Scott decides to take him out to a gay bar to celebrate his new, recently out status. However, after a few drinks Scott seems to be having more fun and even makes out with a young, blonde man who looks exactly like Jason. Fuelled with jealousy and wondering if the similarities had anything to do with Scott and himself Jason pulls Scott aside and demands answers leading to unexpected results.

MY REVIEW: This author literally copy and pasted a sex scene from one story into another story. Just the names were changed. It totally made me look at the rest of the book suspiciously and unable to really get back into it.

MY RANT: I read this two years ago and I’m still pissed off about what the author did. I don’t even remember anything about what she wrote. Just that any time I hear or see this writer’s name, I get angry. Like, I feel like I should be all big and green right now. And pummeling things. Not because there’s any need to, but because I like the word pummel. And if I were to ever Hulk out I would take advantage and pummel something just because I could. A car. A table. Something. Oddly, I feel better and I’ve only SPOKEN of pummeling. See? There is magic in words, people. Magic. In. Words. That’s why you shouldn’t abuse them. Like this one here did. Rant over. She will never appear on my blog again that I am aware of.

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